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Incest (826.04)

In Florida, incest is considered to be a serious sex crime. Florida TITLE XLVI CRIMES Chapter 826.04. Incest is defined as having sexual relations with someone with whom you are related or marrying someone with whom you are related by blood. This includes sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, and grandfathers. In Florida and throughout the United States, incest is considered to be a serious sex crime. If you are accused and subsequently convicted of the sex crime incest, you must immediately retain a Florida incest defense attorney.

Incest is Illegal

Not only is incest illegal, but it is also considered to be morally wrong and inappropriate behavior by both religious and cultural standards. Incest damages children physically and emotionally. Incest is never natural. Children who have suffered through incest often are so psychologically damaged that they have nightmares, and have trouble having appropriate relationships throughout their lives. Children who are born out of incestuous relationships are more likely to inherit genetic disorders, which could include, Trisomy 13, hemophilia, or Down’s syndrome

Consequences and Penalties for Incest in Florida are Severe

Committing the sex crime of incest within the State of Florida carries stiff and severe penalties. Some of the penalties could last a lifetime. Many people who are charged with incest are also charged with other serious sex crimes which include child abuse, rape, or child molestation, all of which come with their own severe consequences… The current penalties for incest include the following:

  • Offender receives a third degree felony conviction
  • Offender receives a mandatory prison term of up to 5 years
  • Offender receives a $5,000 fine
  • Offender must register as a sex offender, which lasts a lifetime

Being convicted of the sex crime of incest, you will be mandated to register as a convicted sex offender for the entirety your life. This includes registering with the Florida Sex Offenders Registry and the National Sex Offender Registry. You will be required report your sex offender status to employers, educators, and landlords. You will be required to turn in your existing driver’s license, and you will be given a new driver’s license that states you are a registered sex offender. If you do not, follow these regulations you will be faced with additional felony charges. You must contact a Florida incest defense attorney immediately upon having charges brought against you.

What Do I Do Now? I Have Been Charged With Incest in Florida

No matter what sex crime you are charged with, it is vital that you have a Florida incest defense attorney to represent you when you go to court. The very instant that you are suspected, arrested and subsequently charged, your Florida incest defense lawyer will work to build you a strong defense.

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