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Sexual Assault

According to Florida law, defined in section 800.04, “It is the forcing of unwanted sexual behaviour to one person to another.” Sometimes it could also be referred to as molestation; however, it is quite different from molestation. Sexual assault is considered to be a felony offense. If you have been accused of sexual assault, then you could face serious charges and consequences. You will want to make it a priority to call your Florida sexual assault defense attorney. If the victim, involved in the case happens to be under the age of 18 the penalties and consequences you face will be more severe, and you could face additional charges.

What are the types of sexual assault?

There are different types of sexual assault charges which result in, different penalties under Florida law:

  1. Non-consensual, forced sexual activity (rape and sexual assault).
  2. Unwanted touching, either of a child or an adult.
  3. Uninvited kissing, fondling, exposure of genitalia, voyeurism, and exhibitionism
  4. Exposing a child to pornography
  5. Saying sexually suggestive statements towards a child (child molestation).
  6. Also, applies to non-consensual verbal, sexual demands towards an adult.
  7. The use of a position of trust to compel otherwise unwanted sexual activity without physical force (can lead to attempted rape or sexual assault).
  8. Incest (see also sexual deviancy).
  9. Certain forms of sexual harassment.

What are the Penalties and Consequences for Sexual assault?

Even if, the teenager has consented for the sex, it would still come under lewd or sexual activity and hence the offense is severely punishable. Some of its penalties are:

  1. It could result in a minimum of a second degree felony charge.
  2. It could result in 10 to 15 years of incarceration
  3. Be required to pay a $10,000 fine.
  4. Mandatory registration as a sex offender which is for a lifetime
  5. Quite obviously, multiple counts will increase prison time and fines imposed

These are just the direct effects of the penalty. This would also cause a lot of problems in the day to day life of the offender. It adversely affects your reputation. It leads you to the problem of having restricted housing and employment opportunities. Hence it could potentially destroy your family’s life, your career, and your reputation.

Is it possible to defend against this kind of charges?

Yes, why not. It is definitely possible to defend against these accusations. There may be a lack of evidence, reliable sources, etc. and other things too. So, the best way is to sit back and discuss it all with your Florida sexual assault defense lawyer. After all that is the reason he is a Florida sexual assault lawyer.

What Do I Do Now? I Have Been Charged with Sexual assault in Florida

There are a lot of innocent people that get charged with this crime. So, the first and only thing you should do immediately is call a reputed Florida sexual assault lawyer or attorney and mounts a strong defense.

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