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Solicitation of a Prostitute (796.07)

According to Florida law, defined in section 796.07 of the Florida State Statutes it is illegal to solicit (or ask) another person to engage in prostitution, or for that person to give their body for prostitution. It is also illegal to take a person’s body for sexual purposes. In Florida law simply asking one person to give their body for sexual purposes comes under and against this law. In the eyes of Florida law, it is a serious crime.

An accusation of Prostitute solicitation can have some severe consequences which can potentially hurt one in many possible ways. Solicitation is such a law that it puts some of the innocent people at risk. Every year there are thousands of fabricated allegations that come out of hate, divorce, family situation, etc. It can be very severe if you are just accused of the crime being very innocent.

What is the definition of Solicitation of a prostitute?

Under the Florida law, the solicitation of a prostitute is defined as “the giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity for hire but excludes sexual activity between spouses”. In simple words, having sexual relations in exchange for money is called solicitation of a prostitute.

What are the penalties of Solicitation of a prostitute?

The consequences of being involved in a solicitation can be quite severe though not as serious as lewd or lascivious molestation.  If you are proven guilty the stakes are even higher, and someone may have to pay serious and lifelong penalties. Some of the penalties of solicitation are:

  1. The offender may get a first degree misdemeanour
  2. The offender may have to pay a fine of up to $1000.
  3. The offender may have to spend 12 months in jail
  4. Having a public announcement made of this crime via TV reporting and local newspapers.
  5. Automatic suspension of your Driver’s licence if you involved in the solicitation within your own car.

These were some of the direct consequences of Solicitation. The indirect consequences can be worse. It is mandatory to register yourself as a sex offender once you are proven guilty. It will severely affect your reputation and credibility. It leads you to having restricted housing, and it also leads you to restricted job opportunities. Hence it could potentially destroy your family life, your career and your reputation.

Simply being accused of solicitation is enough to damage your reputation, and put emotional strains on both your personal and business relationships in your community and strain your business and personal relationships.

No matter what sex crime you are charged with, it is vital that you have a Florida solicitation of a prostitute defense attorney to represent you when you go to court. The very instant that you are suspected, arrested and subsequently charged, your Florida solicitation of a prostitute defense lawyer will work to build you a defense that best represent you in the court of law.

I have been charged for the Solicitation of a prostitute what should I do now?

Though this law is for sex offenders, but there are a lot of innocent people that can get caught up in solicitation of a prostitute because of false accusations with the intent to damage someone. So, the first and only thing you should do is call a reputed Florida solicitation of a prostitute lawyer or attorney and has a strong defense lined up.

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